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  • How can I find out about Avanza offers and promotions?

    The existing offers will appear incorporated in the section offers of the Web itself.

  • How soon in advance can I buy a ticket?

    It has the possibility of accessing services several months in advance depending on the time of year and services.

  • What is Grupo Avanza attention telephone number for online customers?

    Customer service telephone number for Grupo Avanza companies is 91 272 28 32

  • How long do I have to make changes in a ticket?

    Up to two hours before the departure of the service. After this period the modification will not be possible, being able to make as many modifications as it is necessary within the period indicated.


    The changes in tickets have a cost of € 1.5 for each modified route, and for each of the modified tickets. This cost is not refundable in case of cancellation.

  • Do I have to pick up the ticket bought online at a point of sale?

    No, you should only print the electronic ticket that is generated at the end of the purchase process, and present it to the driver at the time of accessing the bus on which you are going to make your trip, along with the legal document that accredits you as the owner. We also offer you, for free, the possibility of receiving your ticket in SMS format. Similarly, by presenting the message received on your mobile phone to the driver, you can also access the bus directly.


    If you cannot print the ticket, you must acquire it in our ticket offices by providing the ticket number and the locator number.

  • Can I cancel a ticket? How far in advance can I cancel a ticket?

    Cancellations of tickets purchased through the Internet must be made through the Web itself, this way, you just have to provide the number of the ticket.


    For tickets purchased through other channels:

    Tickets purchased in a ticket office: You can address to any of our own ticket offices.
    Tickets purchased in a Travel agency: Cancellations can be made through the same agency or in any of our own ticket offices.
    Tickets issued by ticket machines: Cancellations may be attended through any of our own ticket offices.
    Tickets purchased by Telephone: Cancellations may be attended through any of our own ticket offices.
    The minimum period to cancel a ticket is up to 2 hours before the departing time of the contracted service, after this period the cancellation will not be possible.

  • Can I check the details of a booking or purchase made by the Internet?

    Yes, you can check the details through the Web customer service line: 91 272 28 32 during customer service attending hours, or by requesting information by email to

  • What should I do with the SMS I received on my mobile phone?

    The SMS sent to your mobile phone is valid as an electronic ticket. The presentation of these messages to the driver who performs the service, once verified by this the relevant data, enables the bearer to access the bus without having to present a printed ticket.

  • What can I do if I have not received confirmation of my online purchase?

    If you do not visualize your ticket once you have completed the payment transaction, you should contact our web customer service, on the telephone 91 272 28 32 during customer service attending hours, or by e-mail to:, providing the purchase reference that appears in the template of the virtual TPV, or the data you have of the operation performed, and a telephone number to contact back with you, in order to confirm the operation accomplishment, and to indicate the steps you should follow to access to your ticket.

  • What can I do if a web service outage occurred while making a purchase?

    Contact us through the web Customer Service telephone number: 91 272 28 32 within the customer service hours, or by email to providing us with the information of your incident and a telephone number to contact with you.

  • Which credit cards are accepted for online purchase?

    VISA, MASTERCARD AND MASTER of both Spanish and foreign banking entities.

  • Can I select the place where I want to travel? Can I select the seat?

    The Users of the web page will be able to: Choose the place where they wish to make their trip, if the purchase is made up to 24 hours before the departure of the service. With a purchase preview of less than 24 hours, the system will automatically assign the seats.


    The booking submitted for the seat / s election corresponds to Long-distance Avanza Grupo own fleet, therefore the seat/s can vary the situation from the chosen one/s if the bus in which the trip is made corresponded to a collaborating company or the service is performed by a route selling service.

  • Are there any limitations for passengers with disabilities or special needs?

    Not all the vehicles have platform and anchoring systems, thence, reduced mobility passengers who depend of a lifting platform, and the anchoring system to access the bus with a wheelchair, should consult the telephone 91 272 28 32, during customer service hours, or through our e-mail address

  • Are there discounts for large families?

    Yes, we have two types of discounts for large families:
    20% for the general category. It is indicated by the acronym FN 20.
    50% for the special regime. It is indicated by the acronym FN 50

  • Are there discounts for residents of certain cities?

    We do not have this kind of discounts.

  • Are there discounts for retirees?

    If you have Andalucía Junta Sesentaycinco card, you can use it in our services but you must buy the ticket in our ticket offices, it is not possible to apply this discount to the tickets bought online.

  • Can children travel alone?

    Children under 12 are not allowed to travel without an adult. Children between 12 and 16 years old may travel alone in long-distance bus lines, if the parents or tutor fulfill a written authorization through a form that will be found at the ticket office.

  • Can I travel with a baby?

    Yes, you can. Children under four years old have free access to urban services and those belonging to the Consorcio de Transportes. In the rest of services, they will have to pay 50% of the ticket, price which will never be less than the minimum of perception.

  • Can I travel with animals?

    No type of live animal may be transported. Pets may travel only in the bus luggage compartment in long-distance and short-distance buses, in proper hygienic-sanitary conditions and in their corresponding carrier. The cage or carrier must have an impermeable bottom containing the waste.

  • Can I travel with a bicycle?

    Bicycles may be transported in vehicles that have a luggage compartment, provided that, once all the luggage has been introduced, there is room available for a bicycle.

  • What is the difference between Normal and Plus Services?

    The Express Service is a direct service that does not make any stop or very few, it has free Wi-Fi, written press and wc. More information here.

  • What is the difference between Normal and Plus Services?

    The Plus Service is a direct service that does not make any stops or very few, has free wifi and written press.

  • What should I do if I have lost my luggage?

    Fill in the form with the details of the lost object by clicking here and we will try to find it or, otherwise, we will inform you of the steps to follow.

  • Where should I address to report claims, complaints, and suggestions?

    To report a claim, complaint or suggestion you can use our form available by clicking here. If you prefer, you can go to any of our ticket offices and ask for a Complaint Form.